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Tenant administration in Power BI refers to the administrative tasks and controls that span the entire Power BI service within an organization's specific Power BI deployment. A "tenant" represents an instance of the Power BI service that is tied to an organization's domain and subscription.

  • Tenant Settings -> Admins have the ability to configure tenant-wide settings that determine how Power BI features are used within the organization. This includes settings for sharing, exporting, publishing to web, template app installations, and more.

Tenant Administration - best practices

  • Monitor usage and capacity for efficient performance

  • Review and update user accounts, groups, and permissions

  • Manage data sources and connections for accuracy

  • Plan for growth and scalability

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Power BI features and updates

  • There are various options for team responsible for administering Power BI Tenant Settings examples M365 administrators , BI Team, IT Support Team

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