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  • Our client, a prominent retail conglomerate with a vast network spanning 117 locations across North America.
  • The client specializes in the distribution of food and beverages to wholesale and retail markets.

Power BI Premium

DataPluzz achieved a significant enhancement in Power BI Premium performance metrics, negating the necessity for a P3 tier upgrade, thus conserving $42,000 annually in capacity costs.

Client’s Challenges

The utilization of Power BI Premium P2's dedicated capacity was marred by inefficiencies in backend operations. These manifested as extended data refresh times and substandard report reactivity, alongside intermittent outages due to high memory consumption.

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Our team meticulously audited the Power BI service's backend processors to isolate and address the computational chokepoints, thereby optimizing resource demands. The diagnostic measures encompassed a comprehensive review of the service's operational aspects. This entailed synchronizing data refresh schedules, analyzing refresh durations, balancing capacity workloads, evaluating report performance, streamlining query processing, and resizing reports for optimal performance.

  • Pinpointed and optimized datasets that were not configured according to best practices.

  • Identified low-traffic reports that were set to refresh too frequently, and subsequently decreased their refresh intervals.

  • Shifted to an upgraded P2Gen2 infrastructure, which delivered improved performance without additional costs and eliminated the need to consider a P3 plan.

  • Addressed a growing dataset that was excessively consuming up to 83% of capacity resources by identifying and rectifying the fundamental issue.

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