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  • Our client runs a business that curates a dinosaur theme park experience in multiple cities in US & Canada.
  • The company also sells tickets to patrons to provide this pre-historic experience.

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DataPluzz's development of Power BI reports and predictive analytics significantly enhanced our client's revenue by 30%, enabling precise planning and optimization of showtimes and locations.

Client’s Challenges

Our client in the manufacturing industry faced significant data governance challenges with their deployment of Power BI. Critical reports were not subjected to a regular backup regimen, which heightened the risk of data loss and impeded recovery operations. The existing data management and security protocols were not in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), putting the company at substantial risk of non-compliance penalties.

Furthermore, the current report development process was highly centralized, leading to inefficiencies and delays, as end users lacked the permission to create or modify reports autonomously. This bottleneck was a significant impediment to the timely availability of business intelligence insights.


DataPluzz team conducted a thorough assessment of our client's Power BI infrastructure to ensure adherence to the stringent requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Following this comprehensive audit, we meticulously executed a series of tailored solutions to fully align their data handling processes with GDPR mandates.

  • Implementation of Auditing Logs: Introduced a detailed auditing system in Power BI to track all user activities, report modifications, and data access. This provided a bird's-eye view of all users and reports which ensured transparency and accountability in data handling.

  • Enhanced Oversight and Management: Implemented a comprehensive monitoring system for Power BI usage. This provided a bird's-eye view of all users and reports.

  • Robust Backup and Recovery Plan: Established a routine for securely backing up reports daily, with the capability to roll back to previous versions when necessary.

  • Empowering Users with Controlled Flexibility: Introduced training and guidelines that enabled employees to create their own reports, ensuring a balance between autonomy and governance.

  • GDPR Compliance Strengthening: Adopted stricter data handling and privacy measures, ensuring alignment with GDPR requirements.

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Achieved Results

  • Achieved a high level of data governance, with clear visibility over data usage and report changes.

  • Successfully passed GDPR audits, and significantly reduced data security risks.

  • Fostered a data-driven culture within the company, with Power BI being central to this transformation. Employees were now able to efficiently create and manage reports, leading to better decision-making processes.

  • Streamlined reporting processes led to increased operational efficiency and quicker response times in decision-making.

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