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Monitoring and logging in a Power BI environment are crucial for maintaining data integrity, security, and performance. Here are some best practices that needs to be considered​.

Enable Audit Logs

  • Purpose -> Audit logs are essential for tracking user activities within Power BI, such as access to reports, data export actions, and changes to datasets.

  • Implementation -> Enable audit logging in the Power BI admin portal. Regularly export and review these logs to understand usage patterns and identify any potential security breaches or misuse.

Utilize Usage Metrics

  • Purpose -> These metrics provide insights into how reports and dashboards are being used, which can help in identifying popular or underutilized reports.

  • Implementation -> Regularly review these metrics to optimize report design and improve overall performance. This can also help in capacity planning.

Implement Data Gateway Monitoring

  • Purpose -> The data gateway serves as a bridge between on-premises data sources and Power BI. Monitoring its health is crucial for data refresh and overall performance.

  • Implementation -> Regularly check the gateway's performance and logs. Ensure its updated to the latest version for new features and security patches.

Set up Alerts and Notifications

  • Purpose -> Automated alerts can notify you of certain events or when specific metrics exceed thresholds, allowing for timely responses to potential issues.

  • Implementation -> Configure alerts for performance metrics or unusual user activities in the Power BI service. These can be set up through the Power BI interface or through integrated monitoring tools.

Capacity Monitoring

  • Purpose -> In Power BI Premium, monitoring capacity is vital to ensure that the resources allocated are sufficient and used efficiently.

  • Implementation -> Regularly review the capacity metrics available in Power BI Premium to optimize resource allocation.

User Feedback and Training

  • Purpose -> User feedback is important for understanding the effectiveness of BI tools and training helps in better utilization of resources.

  • Implementation -> Regularly gather user feedback on Power BI usage and provide training sessions to educate users about best practices and new features.

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